HTML5AppTester gets massive update!

Hello dear reader!

AppIcon76x76@2xHTML5AppTester was always a hit among my Apps, you can read the full description in the original post. It has provided many institutions with a way of testing HTML5 Apps on real iOS devices without having a developer license. However, the Cordova plugins it is based on are constantly evolving, which meant that it was time for a serous overhaul to ensure it was still as useful as the first day. The new update, which is now live on the App Store contains the latest version of the aforementioned plugins, a new and improved rendering engine to test your apps, and full iPhone X, Max and XR compatibility. You can check out the video tutorial below.

The App is available on the App Store as a free download as part of my work with the UNED University.


Hope you find it useful! Feel free to contact me with future requests, I’ve had a load of requests for new plugins and functionalities and will be updating the App regularly to accommodate as many as I can.

Thanks for reading!

Until next time!