I am a Telecommunications Engineer from Madrid, my speciality is Telematics and Systems Development with three master degrees. I have undertaken roles of CTO and tech lead for the last 8 years, but always have considered myself a fullstack developer. I have worked developing iOS and Android Apps, scalable backend systems, AWS systems and websites. This allows me to have a wide background and helps lead projects by understanding your coworkers better and being able to work with them and creating optimal solutions.

I have worked in multiple companies (such as Telefonica, Geozyt, UPM, King’s College, GeoDB, Wave Location Technologies and a handful of startups)  developing Apps and coordinating projects. I also create my own Apps and software and have experience working as a freelance engineer and app developer. In this way I have created and collaborated with multiple companies and individuals both developing software and systems and teaching them how to do so.

The latest projects I have undertaken is in Wave Location Technoogies, where for over five years we have created a totally new and simple way to locate friends and family (https://wavelt.com/). I am currently the CTO of the company and lead the development of the iOS and Android App as well as the backend. We have over 12 million user, and have also created security products for women with the Spanish police (https://joinsister.com/) and bus routes trackers for parents (https://wolaschools.com/)

Regarding my hobbies and interests, I am a keen sports guy and I practice regularly cycling, judo, ice skating and swimming. I really enjoy oriental philosophy and martial arts, hence my three blackbelts. “Exotic sports” such as paragliding and diving are others I enjoy on a regular basis. I also love reading, meeting up with my friends and watching movies.

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