We are hiring at GeoDB!

Hiring 1
We’re very happy to announce that GeoDB is making its first steps and we need passionate people to work with us.

If you’re not sure about what is GeoDB, the best thing you can do is read our last post. You can also visit our new website, https://geodb.com. We’re still building it, but it’s starting to look great 🙂

Hiring 2

Well, what are we looking for? We’re looking for four people to join our technical staff. We’re in the early stages of our project, so we don’t look for people who work for us, but people who work with us.

In GeoDB we propose a protocol in which blockchain and big data go hand in hand. This poses exciting technical challenges related to scalability, security, interoperability between different blockchains and information modelling among many others. We’ve great ideas, and we need a great team with which to develop and implement them.

We’re firm believers that blockchain technology is simple, and that the complexity lies in its different constituent elements, so don’t give up looking at the job offers even if you don’t have a diploma that certifies your knowledge in the area. If you’re good at solving problems, you’re a versatile and creative developer and you’re interested in being part of a novel project, this could be your great opportunity.

We’re open to people from all over the world, but for geographical reasons we prefer people from Spain. However, we have strong teleworking internal strategy, so whoever you’re and wherever you’re from, don’t hesitate to sign up for any of the jobs if you’re interested in being part of GeoDB. We value talent over location

Follow this link to access the offers, and if you’ve any question feel free to contact us at hello@geodb.com.