Making Wave

WaveIconIf you’ve been visiting my blog lately you probably have seen that it has been a bit empty, I haven’t published posts with the usual frequency. This has been because I’ve been really busy working to write this post!

Around 6 months ago I joined Wave. In case you don’t know Wave ( it is an App that allows you to locate your friends and family in an easy and fun way. Basically you just have to send a Wave Request to whomever you want to locate and specify for how long you would like to “Wave” with him. He receives the request and can decide to ignore it, accept it, or propose a different time. Once you both agree on a time, you are fit to start! You get a map where you can directly view your positions. No more asking where he or she is. You can even set a meeting point, send a message or change the time of the Wave at any point. But it is not only about doing that, it is about making everything private with secure encription so that only the recipient of the Wave can know your location.

Wave also has groups, which allows you to see the location of up to ten people. This simplifies meeting up with your group of friends or practising sports. You can view some screenshots below:

screenshots_individual  screenshots_mapa_grupos screenshots_mapa_individual

When I joined Wave they had only an iOS version, they asked me to create with a team a whole new iOS updated version and add in an Android version to make it multiplatform. This led to a complicated development, as it was necessary to start completely over. It has been countless hours of development with a great team but I’m really proud to be able to write this post today and publish in my blog the links to download this awesome App.

Available_on_the_App_Store_(black)                          en_generic_rgb_wo_60

Of course Apps like this lead to continuous bug fixing and development work, we are working around the clock to give all of you the Wave you deserve ;).

Hope you enjoy it!