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Hello there!

Today is not just another day, today Wave has managed to reach the Top 1 in Lifestyle free Apps in the App Store. This is a huge milestone and you can see the proof from any iOS device or in the screenshot below 😉


But it doesn’t end there,  in the general Top Charts Ranking it has reached number 22! It is just below Gmail and Amazon and has surpassed Skype and Twitter in Spain in this period.


So, if by any chance you haven’t downaloded it yet, jump in and join the revolution! www.download.waveapplication.com And please, rate us 😉

Have a great 2016! For us it will be the year where we will reach 1 million users (in fact, we are almost there ;))

Have fun!

Today AppCircus has published an interview we had after winning the Madrid round. You can read it here! FB interview Now Wave is competing for a chance to showcase the App in the MPA (Mobile Premier Awards) that take place during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. I'll keep you posted ;) Also, we have a huge update for Wave that will be announced soon, so stay tuned ;)