BIG updates

( or a Christmas present to our community?)

2020 was very successful for GeoDB. We have achieved significant community growth, onboarded thousands of new investors, and more than a hundred thousand GeoCash users.

It all brings a solid validation for the main value proposition of GeoDB, where users are rewarded for the data they generate. We have also been watching the changes in the big data and blockchain industries. Many exciting areas started to show substantial growth and demand from the industry, such as DeFi, DAOs, blockchain oracles, decentralization of resources, and various solutions towards data privacy.

Considering the current and projecting the future changes, GeoDB has done significant work on improving the current vision. Very soon, we will announce a new big brunch (or even a wave) of our development towards true decentralization, more openness, and more automation to execute our goal of becoming the most valuable and efficient data exchange network on the market. And we will start 2021 with a completely new shape!

Some of the future upgrades will include:

Data exchange systems interoperability & connectivity

Data generated by users from Apps connected to GeoDB will be available not only on the GeoDB marketplace but also streamed to other sources, where this data can be monetized. This will mean even more value for you, the users!

More data layers (data lego concept) resulting in higher rewards

As you know, more applications are to be connected to GeoDB in the coming months. This will mean that users will generate different types of data for the GeoDB ecosystem and certain types of that data have more value when they are combined, which will result in a higher reward coefficient for our users.

Data as an asset

While you are generating your data, indirectly, you are becoming an asset contributor, which means that more rewards from data acquisition transactions will be allocated to you besides regular rewards within the application.

New roles within our ecosystem

Soon you can be part of the GeoDB network not only as a data provider but also in more exciting roles where you can get more revenues and more rights as a network member.

And this is only a small part of the coming update. Exciting times for our community, our users, and the data industry during the upcoming months. Stay tuned, it’s going to be really, really big!!!

Follow our updates and Merry Christmas!