GEO/ETH Uniswap Pool is now LIVE!

GEO’s journey into the wild world of Ethereum DeFi has now started!

GEO’s journey into the wild world of Ethereum DeFi begun yesterday with the creation or our Uniswap Liquidity Pool and the contribution of 90,000 GEO tokens and an equivalent amount of ETH (100ETH). Liquidity provision is currently provided at a rate of 1 ETH=1,255 GEO.

You can all join our liquidity pool to add liquidity or trade $GEO following this link:

GEO/ETH UniSwap Pool

Volume is already ramping up and generated fees for pool participants are growing fast. Join now!

As you all know, we are developing a DeFi mission and strategy into GeoDB’s scheme that will allow us to:

1) Provide decentralized liquidity for $GEO tokens.
2) Mitigate $GEO token financial risks.
3) Build a set of tools to incentivize holding vs dumping.
4) Create a tradable financial decentralized standard on top of the user’s data value.

Uniswap Pool is just the first step of our DeFi strategy. A second phase is already being developed where token holders are incentivized to hold GEOs in the long term. This will be achieved via generation of yields derived from operating in the DeFi market in all its extension (most probably a mix of staking, liquidity provision, liquidity bootstrapping, yield farming, etc) and enhancing GEOs crypto-economics and rewards system. Full DeFi strategy shall be announced prior to the Mainnet launch in the upcoming weeks.

We hope to see you all joining us on Uniswap!

Stay strong,

The GeoDB Team.

GEO/ETH Uniswap Pool: