GeoDB Coin ($GEO) — Bonding Curve Token Offering IV

Participating in our Pre-Sale 1

Participation in our Pre-Sale 1 will open tomorrow the 15th of August at 14.00 CET.

Less than 24 hours to go!

To join our Pre-Sale 1 you will have to visit our token sale dedicated web: and choose Pre-Sale 1 section (Pre-Sale 2 and Crowdsale will still be closed — Countdown running).

Pre-Sale 1 Conditions & Details

Two options to participate in the first phase of our offering:

A.- Direct Metamask Wallet connection to our web

  1. Connect your Metamask wallet.
  2. Set the amount of ETH you want to send (Min. 0.2 ETH / Max. 5 ETH per address).
  3. You will preview the number of locked GEOs you will receive in exchange for your ETH.
  4. Confirm the transaction using Metamask’s standard procedure.
  5. Direct settlement. You will receive your locked GEOs in your wallet. (Locked GEOs — 6 months for Pre-Sale 1)
  6. Remember to follow these steps to view/see your acquired tokens in Metamask: (

B.- Direct ETH transaction to our smart contract address

  1. Once the Pre-Sale 1 opening time is reached you will have access to our smart contract address (Full address and Qr Code) in the Pre-Sale 1 section in our web:
  2. Using your ERC20 standard wallet send your ETH to our smart contract address (Between 0.2 ETH and 5.0 ETH — If you send more than 5.0 ETH the smart contract will send you back the excess).
  3. Our smart contract will settle your transaction (as long as there are GEOs left in our Pre-Sale 1 phase) and you will receive your locked GEOs in your wallet.
  4. Remember to follow your wallet steps to view/see your acquired tokens. You will have to use the “Add Custom Token” option and enter the address of the contract we will provide you in our token sale web after the transaction has been finalized.

Pre-Sale 1 Summary:

  1. When: 15th August 2020 14.00 CET
  2. Duration: 1 hour
  3. Max ETH accepted: 500 ETH
  4. Min. Investment per address: 0,2 ETH
  5. Max. Investment per address: 5 ETH
  6. Where?

Final notice and comments:

  1. Remember that you are using a decentralized solution so DON’T send ETH directly from your exchange wallet.
  2. Only use METAMASK or other ERC20 compatible application to send your ETH.
  3. Send between 0.2 ETH & 5.0 ETH. If you send less, your transaction will be rejected by the smart contract. If you send more, the smart contract will send you back the excess.
  4. You will have to follow your wallet’s “Add Custom Token” instructions once you have finalized the transaction so that you can view/see your locked GEO Tokens.
  5. All participants in our Pre-Sale 1, whether they have been able to successfully acquire GEOs or not, will be automatically WHITELISTED for our Pre-Sale 2 and will have early access to our second token sale phase. So if you are not able to purchase GEOs in our first phase we recommend you still try so that you can reserve your space for Pre-Sale 2.

We are currently closing the final details of our token sale web. It should be ready very shortly, so stay tuned for new updates really soon. Join our official Token Sale channel on Telegram for further news from the team:


And that’s all for now. Less than 24 hours left, we hope to see you all there. Pre-Sale 1 is very short so if you don’t want to miss the chance, be prepared and be fast! 😉

The GeoDB Team.