It’s been a year since we published the post about the demo of our mobile application geoCash and today we are happy to show you what our team has been working on during the last 6 months! The NEW geoCash is now LIVE! We want to show you our new interface, UX, and all the cool new features we have included in this new version of the app. Welcome to geoCash 2.0!

Before you start reading, please note that geoCash is currently operating in a test network and therefore the GEO token used in it is not the GeoDB token you will find on our listed exchanges and that the ETH used has no associated monetary value.

User Interface

We have tried to make the user experience as easy as possible for you to understand geoCash from the very first minute. The main view of the app is the user’s Wallets section (of course), and from here you can visualize them, create them, manage them, and make your transactions quickly. You can also see at the bottom of the screen the evolution of your wallets’ balance over time. Download, register, and start building your GEO balance!

You can add fresh new wallets or import your existing ones by selecting the card ‘Add Wallet’ and using one of the available methods: i) a Keystore, ii) a private key, iii) a list of mnemonics that generate your wallet address or even iv) a private key’s QR code if you’ve one. That’s it. In a few seconds, you’ll have your wallet fully integrated into geoCash and ready to send or receive transactions and securely encrypted to avoid bad guys. 😉

To send or receive transactions you must select the wallet you like to interact with. You’ll see a new screen with a list of recent transactions with a beautiful icon that indicates if it’s i) an outgoing transaction, ii) an incoming one, or iii) a reward transaction from GeoDB for sharing your data with us. Later on, we’ll explain how this reward is distributed.

Sending GEOs is easy. You only have to tap ‘Send’ button and fill the form with the destination address (which you can capture from QR), GEOs amount (which you can calculate from other scale units), and tap ‘Send’. Your current ETH balance and estimated ETH fee for the transaction are presented in the form for your information.

Receiving a transaction is even easier as you just tap ‘Receive’ and share your Wallet address the way you want: QR, message, email, etc.

Locations, main wallet and rewards

As we said earlier, in geoCash we have the concept of a main wallet. This is the wallet linked with the data sent to GeoDB’s platform and where you will receive rewards for this data. You can set any wallet as the main one by tapping its card and selecting the info button to access the wallet’s details. Note that if you have only one wallet, it is selected as main by default.

Data is sent in blocks to be analyzed before rewards can be emitted to users. First, we need you to be logged in (using Google or Apple sign-in in the profile view) so we can verify that you are who you say you are. Then, after you allow us to use your data, geoCash will save it to send blocks to our backend. If the limit of entries per block is not reached within two hours (currently this limit is hardfixed to 30 entries per block) the data stored until then will be sent.

The data sent is totally anonymous and no data related to your profile is sent at all. Also data already sent is cleaned up from your device so, don’t worry, your storage isn’t compromised. 😉

Statistics view of geoCash will help you to know how many entries you have already sent to us and how your balance is growing up.

In the upcoming updates we’ll add some nice features here to give you more feedback about how you’re sharing your data. Please, stay tuned to app updates!

If you’re wondering how rewards are related to the amount of data sent, I’d like to tell you that this relationship is not deterministic and X entries are not related to Y rewards as it depends on the time frame in which data is analyzed and validated. We know that it is important for you to know this relationship more deeply and that’s because we’re working on a bunch of tools to show you how data/rewards are connected in a crystal-clear way.

Finally, we’ve added some social network connectivity to the app so you can stay up-to-date with all the news regarding geoCash. We would love to hear your feedback so leave us comments if you have any questions or drop us a line to (Some claps are welcomed too).

Join us and spread the word!

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