GeoDB announces its new partnership with Credits

GeoDB is happy to announce a new strategic technological partner — blockchain platform Credits (

Credits and GeoDB are aiming to explore the opportunity in business development support and application of Credits technology in GeoDB solutions.

Luis Gelado, CEO & Co-Founder of GeoDB says: “We have been selecting a solid technological partner for the last several months, who could advise us on certain areas of our development. The more we advance in development, the more complicated challenges we are facing. Credits have consistently proven themselves being a tech partner of huge companies such as IBM, Alibaba, Lenovo, Oracle, and others, and we are happy to be in the same row with them.”

Credits is an open-source and decentralized blockchain platform for the development and execution of smart contracts and decentralized applications. The project offers public and private solutions suitable for B2C and B2B markets eliminating the problems of trust and uncertainty. The peculiarity of Credits is a high-speed decentralized blockchain platform. The platform is intended to develop standalone smart contracts and decentralized applications.

We will share further updates as both teams move forward.

The GeoDB Team.