Sister – The ultimate way to feel safe


I know it has been a while since I last updated my blog, and believe me, it has been for a very good reason. At Wave Location Technologies – WLT – we have been hard at work at our most meaningful project to date.

To give you a bit of context, we had a terrible incident with a teammate a few months ago where she was almost victim of gender violence. We were shocked to the core by this and realised that most incidents end up in tragedies because the appropriate law and order forces don’t have enough location and context information to help you.

We started investigating the market and saw that the current apps were not cutting it, they were giving imprecise locations and according to surveys users didn’t trust them. With that in mind we set out to make our own survey to understand how we could apply our battle-tested world-leading location technology to help alleviate this problem. In just a few days we got a staggering number of over 35000 responses and a horrible conclusion, women did not feel safe.

SisterLogoWith that in mind we set out to make our most ambitious and heartfelt app yet, one that helps to increase safety and tries to avoid such horrendous acts. We worked with law and order enforcement, women’s associations, and directly with victims to create and provide you with the ultimate help. An App that blends the lines between being a tool and a silent guardian that stands at your side.

Allow me to show you a small video.

Sister is a safety app for women, made by women. It does not only aim to reduce the feeling of insecurity, but also to prevent possible threats and respond in an emergency.
Sister wants women to walk on the streets without feeling fear, at any time of the day or night. Through a location tracker technology in real time, the safety app for women protects them and connects them with their trusted contacts or with the authorities.
There are two main uses for Sister: prevention and emergency. The prevention mode uses the GPS to display the safest route home on the map and the nearby police stations, and shares it with the trusted contacts chosen by the user. The emergency mode connects with the authorities with just one click and sends the user’s position to their trusted contacts by SMS in real time.
How does Sister work?
The application works as a family locator but with special features dedicated to increase the security of women, such as trusted contacts and direct access to the emergency services. Discover how to use it to feel safe in your city or find friends if they need your assistance.
Choose your trusted contacts
To liberate yourself from that uncomfortable sense of insecurity, set trustworthy contacts, such as your friends or your partner, to share with them your location in real time. You can use it when you return home at night, when you go to work or in any situation in which you want to increase your personal security. Your location will be sent through a web link by WhatsApp or SMS to your chosen contacts.
Follow the safest route
The real time GPS will show you the fastest route to your destination and the nearby police stations, displaying also their phone number to call them easily. You can set the estimated time you think it will take you to find your destination and feel safe.
Activate a deterrent alarm
One of the features that every safety app for women should have is a deterrent alarm. You can set the alarm that will sound loudly if the app identifies that you have not yet reached your destination in the time you have previously set. You can deactivate it when you arrive home or at any given time by inserting your security PIN.
Activate the danger button
If you are in danger, you can activate the danger button with just one click. At that time your phone will call the emergency services and will send your location in real time in a web link to your trusted contacts by SMS. This way you will always have a security tool  that will protect you and you won’t have to walk alone again.
If the danger button is activated, your phone will start automatically recording the surrounding audio and taking pictures that will be stored in the Sister cloud confidentially. In this way, if you feel threatened or have suffered street harassment, you will be able to use the graphic material in case you want to file a complaint to the police, and they will be able to help you in much more efficient way by knowing more details about where you are and what you are facing.
Did you arrive safely? Let them know!
The safety app for women works as a location tracker to share your route with your friends or family. Once you have reached your destination, insert your security PIN to stop sharing your location in real time and to notify your contacts that you are home.
Of course, you can find much more information on our website
You can download Sister for free from the App Store and Google Play
We can’t wait to hear your thoughts!