50th Anniversary of King’s College

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As you know if you have read my LinkedIn profile I studied my pre university education at King’s College Madrid. It has been one of the best experiences of my life and has influenced immensely in who I am. This year marks the 50th anniversary of King’s Group and they are really keen on celebrating such a cool milestone with a series of events. One of them was being “one of the 50” which reunited 50 students from the past 50 years to celebrate with them on stage this special occasion, I was honoured to be selected as one of the students and share this special anniversary with them, you can check out the picture below.


But it did not stop there, I was asked to write a small text about my experience at King’s and how it had influenced me and some of my fondest memories from the school. As the emotional guy I am I took this chance to take a trip down memory lane and reminiscence on those years.

You can read what I came up with below:


Choosing a favourite memory of a place where you have spent so much time is a daunting proposal; however, after thinking about it for the last few days, there is memory that keeps coming back. Back in 2005, I was entrusted by the legendary Paul McNally with a couple of colleagues to help with the preparation of the Leaver’s Ceremony. It was countless hours of hard word preparing videos, editing photos, creating an interactive presentation and even programming animations in Flash. However, the actual day everything went wrong, it was the early days of the auditorium and the projector and the sound system failed terribly. To topple things up both the laptop we were using and the backup we had broke down and we were unable to display all of our hard work. I remember it as one of the biggest frustrations I have ever felt, I had let down everyone on such a special occasion. Next day I was called into a meeting with Martin Glynn and Paul McNally, I thought they would be mad. Imagine my surprise when they told me that they were already thinking about what we would next year to make it the best ever. I could not have admired them more, and it paid off, next year we toppled every expectation. This experience defined my life; they taught me that despite how sweet victories are, it is your failures that define you, that give you the chance to become someone better. I would never be the person I am without King’s College, and this moment has taught me to see my failures as an opportunity to learn to overcome them and never give up. After all, you never know what you can achieve with “Honesty, Faith and Courage”.

You can read the whole magazine tapping the link below:

King’s College 50th Anniversary

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