GeoDB launches crowdfunding campaign!

Hello dear reader!

I’m extremely honoured to inform you that we have launched a CrowdCube campaign with GeoDB and could not be happier with the results, having achieved 75% of the target funding in just a few days.

Screenshot 2019-04-09 at 16.08.40

For those of you unaware of what GeoDB is, allow me to illustrate briefly what we are aiming:


GeoDB is a decentralized protocol powered by blockchain.

What makes GeoDB unique is its encrypted, safe, transparent, verified, accurate and decentralised datapool nature. In essence, it is a big data marketplace, which aims to solve the existing problems of the huge big data industry.

At one end, users upload their data to the protocol. In exchange, the protocol rewards them for that generated data. Meanwhile, at the other end, data buyers access the data pool and purchase those datasets.

Additionally, as it is based on blockchain, developers can add resources to the protocol and are also rewarded for it.

Thus, GeoDB is a circular, organic and perfectly assembled tokenised model, in which every player is being remunerated, reaping the benefits of data commercialisation in the most effective and efficient possible way.

On the data buying side, there are all sorts of data seekers: analysts, data scientists, data managing and reselling companies, marketers, large corps and enterprises, among many others.

On the uploading side, there are 2 main agents:

– Users: they will be able to upload their data and receive the payment; and

– Companies: Our research suggests that startups, small businesses, corps and enterprises of any kind are interested in developing a new revenue stream this way, which in our opinion, is integrated in the easiest and most seamless possible way with their services.


We have a created a cool video you can watch below to tell you all about it.

Don’t miss out the chance to be part of the next revolution in location and blockchain technology!