Wola Schools gets new Attendance feature!

Hello dear reader!

A while back we showcased Wola Schools, an app which allows parents and educators to follow in REAL-TIME the precise location of the school’s buses via desktop, tablet or smartphone. But it is much more than that, you can set notifications to know when the bus is close to your bus stop, or when your kid has arrived to the school.

We have been thrilled to see the massive response and acceptance Wola Schools has had. In fact, multiple schools and institutions wanted us to step up our game to not only provide geolocation technologies, but also enter in the day to day management of bus routes. This for us was an immense honour, as it meant that our vision for technology and simplicity had become not only a tool for parents and schools, but they wanted that same effortless motto we use to transcend deeper in their day to day. How could we say no to that?

With that in mind, we have build a new Attendance feature into Wola Schools, that allows parents, schools, and instructors to track children’s absences and act accordingly. But we did not just stay there, we now provide insights about the children on the bus at different times, the time the bus has taken to arrive to different places, delays undertaken and the possibility to easily understand and analyse this data to improve day to day performance and efficiency.

You can check out how this looks in the App below:

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If you would like to implement this in your school. Hit us at https://wolamaps.com/en/schools/. We’ll be happy to help!

Until next time!