GeoDB Demo 1. GeoCash

We’re back after a few weeks. We were not on vacation, but working harder 😉

Last weeks we’ve been working in our proposals, and now we bring not only a post, but a complete series in which we will explain all of them.

In our opinion, due to diverse factors (complex concepts to explain, relatively easy funding, prevalence of technical staff, …), many DLT projects are developed under a veil of opacity which makes it difficult for the community to know, not only the state of development of the project, but also the team vision.

We want to make it different.

We want that, when GeoDB is ready, everybody knows how it works. With honesty, we believe that our approach is the most adequate to achieve our vision to interconnect DLT and big data paradigms, but there is a long path ahead and some initial concessions are needed to ease this travel.

Our proposal is to create a DLT infrastructure that rewards users that share their location data combined with several different other evidences. We want to make our vision clear, therefore, we’re developing several demos to illustrate it.

As indicated, they’re demos, so they aren’t intended to be the wonderful final solutions that we’ll build. This is a journey. Therefore, please be tolerant with these prototypes and keep in mind that they don’t exemplify exactly how final applications will look like. Concentrate on the idea behind them.

Today, we start this series presenting geoCash demo, an Android app to share locations and be rewarded for it.

Suppose that a user decides to share his location data for analytics in exchange for a reward. He just has to download geoCash and activate the location share. Simple and immediate.

Your wallet is yours and only yours. You can create a new one when you start using geoCash or open an existing one.

We know that a couple of pics aren’t enough, so we share a video to clarify further questions.

It’s also possible to download GeoCash demo here. Keep in mind that it’s a demo, so there might be some details needing polish. We’re improving it, so stay tuned for coming updates. So go ahead, download our app, try it and start sharing your comments with the team! Happy to discuss with you guys!

If you have any question don’t hesitate to mail us at or even better, contact Bernat Canal,

Bernat is one of the newest GeoDB team members, and he’s developing geoCash demo. Bernat is a developer and system designer with extensive expertise in development of smart contracts, mobile apps, and DLT solutions of all kinds. He has participated in the design and implementation of multiple web services, from video streams to highly accessible databases and systems. He also worked in hybrid mobile app development and, more recently, in solutions to implement blockchain and decentralized protocols in conventional apps and websites.

For us, it’s a privilege that Bernat is part of our team, a new member of our growing GeoDB family.

With this post we wanted to clarify doubts, but many others might arise, such as how is the GEO Token created? How does it work? How is all the data dealt with? How are the rewards awarded? How is the data validated? How to avoid misuse? And a long etc…

Well, stay tuned, we will soon be back with many answers!