Christmas lottery App beats massive Record & Happy Christmas

Hello dear reader!

It is with great pride and honour that I can announce that this year’s Christmas lottery App has been a huge success. It has catapulted to the Top 14 in the free Apps charts in the App Store, surpassing Facebook, Cabify and Amazon among many others. It became the top 3 utility and was used on that day more tan 125000 times. You can check out the screenshots from the App Store below.

This is why making software is a extremely rewarding process, few feelings can compare to being able to put your creations into thousands of hands and make their lives easier.

So, on that joyful note I would look to wish you all a very happy Christmas eve, I hope you have a very pleasant evening with your loved ones and hopefully a few surprises from Santa :).

Thanks for reading, and what better way for a Batman fan to write this off than with a very special Christmas carol for me 🙂

Have fun and Happy Christmas!