Spanish Christmas Lottery App gets huge update

Like I mentioned in a past post, it’s that time of the year when everyone starts to frantically buy Christmas lottery. It is a tradition that has been around for years and years and no one wants to be left out. It is usual that offices, gyms, coffee shops, supermarkets, etc. offer small participations and of course, hard core followers buy their own lucky numbers. There seems to be a general feeling that not buying one wherever you go could mean that you are left out in the biggest prize available (El gordo).

2 years ago, working together with Fran I created an App to check all the numbers in a convenient and easy way. This year, the App has gotten a huge performance revamp, it is now written entirely in Swift 4.2 and is speedier than ever. It also has a new, cool and shiny Siri shortcut that will allow you to check the numbers you are playing just by asking Siri.

You can check out how cool the App look on the new iPhone XS Max and a video with the App in action.


In case you need to get into the Christmas Spirit still, you can check out these years ad below.

You can download the Apps from this links



Hope you have the best of luck if you play this year!

Until next time!