Bike Gear, the latest outdoor tech

Riding a bike is a joy at this time of year. The colors and smells of fine rains make the route feel wonderful, and that is why we want you to enjoy it even more. We have compiled the best bike gear that come with the latest technology to improve your getaways. From folding bicycles, to devices with augmented reality or powerful GPS, find the bike gear you need just here!

Garmin Edge 1030: the bike gear for your navigation

This Garmin mini tablet is a powerful device with navigation GPS that helps us ride through the toughest routes without hesitation. This device tracks power, speed and heart rate, as well as displays time, weather conditions and other typical features, making it a full onboard computer.  

That said, we also love its social side, in which we can navigate through route reviews proposed by the millions of users of the Garmin universe. This will probably help us find the best biking trail and the most suitable one for our experience and motivation. Together with this social community, we can take care of our own affairs by synchronizing it with our smartphone. This will enable us to read our notifications.  

Moreover, the bike gear allows us to control the intelligent lights of the bike. A simple and effective feature to increase our safety while biking on the road.

Solos Smart Glasses: augmented reality for your trips

Cycling technology has also tackled the way we interact with information. Why would we look at a specific screen with information if it is also displayed on our smart glasses? Those project in a minimalist way everything we need in front of our eyes. And without getting distracted from the road.

Solos glasses are a pair of smart glasses with augmented reality specifically designed for bike riders. They project the information over the road without disturbing the cyclist’s vision. They are also adjustable, so we can display the info exactly where we desire.

Solos smart glasses inform us about our speed and bike power, can take calls, synchronize with popular apps and indicate us where to go. They can be paired with both iOS and Android smartphones.

We love this device and we believe it will become mainstream as soon as it partners with more popular apps. Then we will be able to enjoy our favourite app toolkit from our glasses. The bike gear comes with speakers to listen to the music we want.

However, in many countries it is forbidden to wear headphones while pedaling, and it is possible that the glasses can also be considered a distraction by the authorities. This is indeed a very interesting topic. How do we listen to music safely on the bike? The following gadget answers precisely this question.

Nuheara IQBuds for listening to music while biking

Nuheara IQBuds headphones are ideal for listening to the radio or to our favorite playlist while we are biking. Without missing the ambient noises. These small devices have a pair of speakers which reproduce both our favorite music and the ambient noise they pick up with a tiny microphone. Both speakers are adjustable so we can find the perfect balance between the sound of the street and our background music.

To make it even more perfect, the bike gear is wireless and it has an autonomy of 5 hours. As you may know, being able to pedal for hours without worrying about unfortunate wire tangling is essential for a biker’s comfort.

Travel with your bike

Traveling the world with our bike is one of the favorite pleasures of outdoor lovers. This gives us the opportunity to discover other countries and enjoy our passion for nature. However, all cyclists who travel with their bike know that it is actually a real nuisance.

Bikes often need to travel in a van, as they are big and bulky and in most flights the access fee is almost equal to a passenger plane ticket. This nuisance can be solved by one of the latest innovations in biking technology. But don’t get too excited – it’s not a flying robot that will transport your bike we are talking about; it’s a bit simpler than that: a folding bike optimized in weight and size to be carried on a flight.

Airport Ninja bike is a lightweight and detachable professional bike that comes with its own backpack to carry it anywhere. Its dimensions and weight are within the limit of baggage of aircraft hold.

In addition, its disposition in the backpack enables us to travel with it also by train or car. And without the need to incorporate additional elements such as a trailer or a roof rack. Obviously, we need some allen keys and a bit of skill to assemble and disassemble the bike. However, when we talk about professional cyclists, we have no doubt that they can do it.

Although there are other folding bicycles in the market, Airport Ninja focuses the whole bike gear on a professional audience. It is for sale but also for rent, for those who want to try it first.

Stay safe on your bike trips

Wave is a powerful app for iOS and Android that helps bikers, runners and athletes to meet in remote areas by sharing their live location on a private map.

Among the apps for navigation and geolocation, Wave stands out facilitating a group map in which the whole crew can locate each other at the same time. Plus, it uses a powerful GPS navigation to help people reach the meeting point set on the group map. Or simply to reach any of the friends on the way.  

Wave is the best tool to feel safe in the mountain. Leave it open so your group can track your path and if you are lost, you can either find your friends or be found by them. It is free for iOS and Android and has already more than 11 M users.

Now you are all set! Add those to your Christmas gifts for bikers and stay tuned; In January new tech gear for bikers will be introduced at CES 2019.