MemoPark Ultimate receives an Amazing update

Hello dear reader!

It’s funny how quickly time flies by, I’ve been developing my own App for 6 years now! Since I started. I was always obsessed with making finding your car easily. I always forget where I parked and it felt like something an App could do extremely easily. So I set out to make it, the first iteration I made was called MemoPark Pro and is still available on the App Store. But as time went by, and my dev skills heightened it felt like to the time to do something better, overhaul the experience with something that would take all this to the next level. With that in mind I built the gorgeous MemoPark Ultimate, which is a best seller on the App Store.

I’ve been wanting to update it for a long time now, but with all the workload I usually have it hasn’t been easy to find the time. But with the release of iOS 12, it felt like the best time to give some love to the App so many people use and rely on so much. With that in mind I overhauled the whole experience using the latest version of Swift (4.2) to increase performance and speed. But I didn’t stop there, I went the extra mile to make the geolocation even more precise, so that even if you are indoors, the system will be able to pinpoint you accurately and quickly.

Of course, it now works on the gorgeous new iPhones and adapts perfectly to their massive canvas, you can check some screenshots below of iPhone XS Max.

But when I reached this point it felt it was time to go even further. One of the most amazing things iOS 12 introduces is Siri Shortcuts . This allows user’s to associate voice commands with specific actions on the App and trigger them easily. This felt so much at home with MemoPark I just had to add it. So now you can add shortcuts to easily record your car’s position, locate it, and obtain GPS directions directly with Siri.

Another key feature I always wanted to introduce is an Apple Watch companion App. It felt so natural to use MemoPark from your wrist that it was time to make that dream come true. With this companion App your data will always be in sync between your iPhone and Watch, making sure you can use any of them to record your position or find your car. You can check out how it looks below:

I was so excited with all of the changes that I created 2 cool App Store previews and stitched them together in a video so that you can get a glimpse of everything you can do:

With all of this, the full feature list of all the features of MemoPark is:

  • Extremely precise and energy efficient location system.
  • A new intuitive, minimalistic, useful, and why not, beautiful interface.
  • New Flyover maps to easily view where you left your car.
  • Change map type at your convenience.
  • Add a note for additional info.
  • Easily add an image to visually remember where you left your vehicle and view it with a tap.
  • Share your car’s location with anyone thanks to the integrated share system.
  • Easily obtain GPS directions to reach your car.
  • Use Siri Shortcuts to store your car’s location, find it and obtain GPS directions.

If you have an Apple Watch you can use the companion App to store your car’s location and find it directly from your wrist

If you already own MemoPark Ultimate, you just to update for free from the App Store. If you don’t, what are you waiting for? Tap on the button below to upgrade your parking experience for ever!

Thanks for reading!