iMeasure launches on App Store!

Hi again!

icon1024One of the thing that has always fascinated me about iOS is how Apple is able to make extremely complicated technologies more accesible with their frameworks. One of this technologies is ARKit, an augmented reality framework that makes detecting surfaces and superimposing objects a breeze. It is so proud of ARKit that they decided to show case it with the hugely popular Pokemon Go and recently, in the WWDC, they announced a proprietary app for iOS 12 that will allow you to measure surfaces.

However, I always see that as challenge to test how the technology works and how to try to do something better. With that in mind, I created iMeasure, a simple App for iOS that will allow you to measure any surface without having to wait for iOS 12. I decided to test what Metal could do to get improved performance and the results are amazing, I don’t know how Apple’s App will fare, but they better start working hard if they want to beat my awesome speeds ;).

You can check out a few screenshots and a demo video below.


iMeasure is available in the App Store from the link below (you can also obtain it in different packs with another Apps from my collection like this full pack  or this one with the awesome MemoPark Ultimate 😉 )