Wola Schools launches worldwide!

wola-schools-logoWave is not just about an App, it is a philosophy, the idea that sharing your location should be open to everyone, and it should happen with a level of privacy, efficiency and ease that every user deserves.

With that in mind, we set out to be the best Geolocation company out there. As entrepreneurs, we always observe the world with curious eyes, seeing opportunities where others see unresolved issues. Take for instance when a parent is going to pick up their daughter or son from the school bus. How does he know where the bus is? Is the bus far away? Has his/her kids arrived safely? With that in mind, we build a new product. We decided to apply all of our years and experience building location products for what we believe is one of its ultimate uses, giving kids security and parents ease of mind. Say hello to Wola Schools!hero-bg-2

Wola Schools allows parents and educators to follow in REAL-TIME the precise location of the school’s buses via desktop, tablet or smartphone. But it is much more than that, you can set notifications to know when the bus is close to your bus stop, or when your kid has arrived to the school. You can check out some of our core features below!


So why us? Well, because we own the best Geo-Technology

We know that just as a healthy heart is the key to a great athlete, our technology is the basis for everything we do. It is based on three main pillars:


Your location is an extremely valuable tool, it can be used to meet your friends, or to hurt you. That is why we decided to use military grade encryption and ensure that only the people you are waving with can see your location. We use SSL grade A encryption, dynamic tokens that change periodically and end to end encryption to make this the App even the military could use.

Reliability & speed

What good is a location tool if it is not fast sending your location? Or if it cannot scale up as needed? We have worked endless hours on custom backend systems that combine state of the art technology, with trusted complex systems used in telephony to handle an unheard-of concurrency and achieve load times that make you believe in magic.


Sharing your location can be a battery hog. We have all experienced extreme draining from using apps like Google Maps. This has led us to work on the most advanced location algorithms available, using triangulation via accelerometers, network positioning and the GPS sensor to be the most battery friendly app out there whilst pinpointing your location with extreme accuracy.



Wola Schools makes parents and educators feel safe and optimize their time by knowing the real-time location of their kids, and it helps schools to follow and track the live position of all its buses.

Contact us at hello@wolamaps.com if you want to know how we can bring Wola Schools to your School. Feel free also to visit us at https://wolamaps.com/schools/ and download our apps below.