AWS Summit Madrid Summary

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Long time no see! I’m really sorry for not having been able to post in the last few weeks, but I’ve had so much work it’s been technically impossible. Last week I had the chance to visit the AWS Summit in Madrid and I would like to share some of the insights I learnt and how AWS is dictating where it expects developers to move around in the near future. So get comfortable, and let’s dive in!

The most important part when looking at the future of AWS and where you should be is the initial conference. This time it was a big one, as the CTO of Amazon Werner Vogels was there to deliver the news himself. They made come really big announcements:

  • The future is serverless– I strongly encourage you to read my previous posts on what serverless is and how it works here to give you a bit of background. The idea is that long gone are the days of provisioning servers and having to scale them with complex algorithms, now is the time to break up everything in small pieces. This fragments can interoperate via an API gateway and communicate with each other, allowing you to pay only for the times you code is executed, not the hours the server with a set compute capacity runs for. Better for you and with zero scaling problems.
  • Aurora (, possibly the best relational database is about to go serverless and will allow multi master replication. This means it can scale as much as you want it to. The main reason to choose a non-relational database over a relational one was the ease of use and the scaling robustness, well it seems scaling robustness is no longer an issue. Beware Dynamo, Postgres is here to stay.
  • AWS is starting to go into dev tools. Cloud9 ( is a fully integrated development studio that can be accessed via a website, allowing full collaboration between teams and zero local environment configuration. Pushing your code to the cloud couldn’t be easier. Long gone are the days of tedious local setups.
  • Amazon is really investing into machine learning and artificial intelligence. With the GDPR just around the corner, detecting obscene images is becoming a must have for many apps (among other tedious tasks).

This are just some of the cool things they rolled out, the ones which stuck with me the most. This type of events are a must have for any tech related person. You can check out how cool they are in the images below.


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In the next post I’ll be tackling one of the hottest issues right now: What is blockchain?

Stay tuned!

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