Welcome to a complete revamp of my Blog!

Hello dear reader!

I have been trying to modernise my blog and webpage for a long time, but with the hectic day-to-day demands of eveything, it sometimes is very difficult to actually free up time to do so.

So, I finally managed to get to work on it and I’ve implemented a whole new cleaner design. One much modern and in tone with the current design trends (no more black background ;)). Also for those of you with sharp eyes, I’ve changed the domain, I’m now the proud owener of pabloclementeperez.com, and all the previous domains will point to this one.

To celebrate such an ocassion, I decided it was time to turn myself into a cartoon for this cool new look. You can get a small sneak peek at this below ;). This is just the beggining of many changes to come, so stay tuned 😉