Ana María Pérez-García’s Website – A collaboration between generations for the future dean

Hello again dear reader!

This post has a very special meaning for me, as my mother, Ana María Pérez García, who is currently a professor of Psychology at UNED (The National Education Distance University) is running to be the Dean of Psychology for the next 4 years. Naturally, I couldn’t feel prouder, she has always been an example to follow and this is a mayor milestone in a breathtaking career for her.

As the tech-savvy person I am, I volunteered to help her out by making a cool website. So, we decided to create a fully responsive, html 5 static webpage that rendered extremely quickly, was robust and displayed perfectly everywhere and presented all the information needed.

We could have gone for a CMS (Content Management System) like approach, but in theana1 end being able to modify things easily without coding implies having server side code, database accesses, scripting pre renders… and this translates in slower times and less robust websites. You are probably thinking that I’m a bit of a hypocrite for saying this, since this is actually a WordPress site, but in my defence this is a blog, so the CMS is totally justified :P.

Anyway, another key aspect when launching a website is where to host it. I’ve never been a fan of shared hostings, as performance degrades terribly, so I looked into premium solutions such as Firebase, Amazon S3, GitHub Sites… After doing some testing myself, I came across a very interesting blog post I’d like to share with you – – This concluded my idea that Firebase is an awesome way to host a website, and the SSL support id the icing on the cake. You can get a quick glimpse of the features in the video below.

So without further ado, Id like to present you our awesome website hosted on  We have worked extremely hard to make it as nice and accessible as possible. From the first page you can find 9 sections where you can read about:

  • Why she is running for dean.
  • Her awesome CV.
  • The complete program.
  • A video message for students.
  • A video message for teachers and researchers.
  • A video message for administrative personnel.
  • A radio interview.
  • Calendar with important dates.
  • A countdown to a meeting where she will officially present all her ideas for the next four years.

You can get a quick glimpse of the website below.

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And you can watch an example video we made below.

We hope you enjoy it!

Feel free to drop us a line in the comments!