Top 5 Xmas and winter holiday plans – Something for everyone

Traveling in winter is an incredible experience if you know where go to. We propose five very different plans to enjoy the winter holiday and recharge energies for the new year. Among them, there are typical winter holiday choices such as the best Christmas markets in the world, the best ski resorts for the most adventurous and the best lighting and pyrotechnics plans in the world. For those basically looking for relaxing holidays we propose some of the best hot springs in the world and the warmest beaches to enjoy a bit of summer in December.

Best Christmas markets

The smell of ginger, cinnamon and chocolate are just some of the reasons for most of us to love Christmas Markets. The lights, the charm of the craft stalls and the shows that are grouped together make it a very affordable Christmas plan for everyone. Every year cities all over the world spread the magic with their markets and here are the best ones.

Among the famous Christmas markets in the world we can find the ones in Berlin, Dresden, Nuremberg and the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland in London. Usually there are a few in each city and in some of them sell a ticket to get in and enjoy the indoor activities. Based in the German ones, in the United States we can find some recognized as the Texas Christkindl Market in Texas or the Cincidutsch Christkindlmarkt in Ohio. All of them usually close before Christmas Eve so hurry up!

Asia also celebrates this tradition and one of the most famous Christmas market is Singapore’s Christmas Wonderland, which has craft booths, typical food of the country and a large number of attractions such as carnivals, children’s contests and concerts.

Amazing ski and snowboard resorts

For some of us December means the beginning of the ski season and every time we see snow we can imagine the snowy peaks of spongy powder snow. In Europe the largest ski resort is located in France and is a set of three valleys, val Thorens, Les Menuires and val Méribel, that offers a total of 600 km of ski slopes. Another well recognised choice is the famous Zermatt ski station in Switzerland, where we can enjoy a unique panorama of landscape and 160 km of slopes of all levels.

In the United States the most famous tracks are those of Aspen in Colorado, with 103 kilometers of slopes with a medium to high difficulty, they are the perfect showcase for experts and wealthy well trained.

In Asia we can enjoy a winter holiday in the the Yongpyong resort in Korea, which is set to host the giant slalom and slalom events at the next year’s Winter Olympics. In Africa we have a mix of leisure with tiny ski resorts such as the Oukaïmeden in Morocco, that counts with 10 km of slopes, however those are really empty and will save us money and queues.

Stunning light shows before Christmas

Before Christmas the shows of lights, magic and circuses are part of the Christmas holidays and in some places of the world is really quite an experience. In Asia the most prominent one is Shiodome, it is located in Tokyo, Japan, and consists of a show that uses more than 220 thousand LED lights arranged in a natural landscape, created to make us dream.

If you’ve seen Christmas movies, you probably already know the Dyker Heights show in Brooklyn, New York. It consists in several streets that make up lights, poppies, nordic animals and all kinds of Christmas figures. In Europe we can enjoy the lights of Nice, which delivers every year a spectacular complex of light figures in Village de Noël at Place Masséna.

Best beach and sun holidays in winter

Winter can also be a time of relaxation for those who don´t feel the flow of Christmas, shopping and crowds and prefer to enjoy better climates and some peace. For this, beach destinations are the best option to recharge the batteries and start the new year with energy. Among the most requested for these dates is Cancun in Mexico, a natural area with kilometric beaches of crystal clear water, smaller agglomerations than in summer and all-inclusive vacation packages.

In Africa those who wish to escape completely from Christmas can relax on the beaches of Morocco, an interesting place full of Arabic history, bazaars and markets and especially a turning point for the holidays.

In Thailand the beach of  Khao Lak offers a natural spectacle of green mountains, a pale refreshing sun and beaches of turquoise water, well away from the most tourist destinations but with all the necessary amenities for foreign tourists. Australia, on the other hand, lives its splendid summer time in December and it could not be a better destination to escape from winter completely. It is possible to snorkel in the great barrier reef or to rent a camel in Broome, among other interesting choices.

Finally, in Europe the Canary Islands that belong to Spain are a unique option to enjoy a warm temperature, long sandy beaches and volcanic stone and an everyday tranquility of village life. Any of them will make us relax like never before.

Best hot springs for the winter holidays

Listening to the bubbling waters of a spa before getting a massage of essential oils under the shadow of a dim light is for many travelers a perfect way to spend a good holiday.

Some of the most famous hot springs in Europe are the Szechenyi Thermal Bath in Budapest, which has 18 swimming pools and The Blue Lagoon geothermal in Iceland, which is placed in a natural landscape. In Asia one of our favourite is places in Clark, Philippines, located at the base of an inactive volcano. The water is rich in volcanic minerals and the views are simply stunning.

In the United States one of the icons of thermal waters is the Goldstrike resort, which has the natural charm of being a small town of wooden houses, large natural pools and a lot of relaxation. In South Africa there are hundreds of hot springs scattered throughout the country and most of them are small in size, such as the famous one of Riemvasmaak.

All these winter holiday plans are comfortable for any traveler. What would be your favourite one for this holidays? Tell us or send us an image of your vacation to our instagram.