Bring it up, Halloween – The ultimate app and service guide

Apps halloween 2017

One of the most iconic celebrations in the US that has spread all over the world is Halloween, an epic ode to death that has opened the desire for most of us to mingle with zombies and have paranormal encounters.

Imagine celebrating a dinner party between friends in a full, creepy decorated space or going to a party in an atmosphere reminiscent of an abandoned basement in Boston or in an authentic colonial house in Mississippi. Choosing the best outfit and makeup for Halloween, getting enrolled in the biggest parades across the States or popping in local parties are just one click away.

If you’re already in the ghostly Halloween wave and you want this year to be really special, get ready to triumph this Halloween night with the best applications and services that we bring you in the following list.

Mix in the crowd without losing your friends

There will be a great number of zombies that will circulate on October 31st through the streets, including your friends, who will be unrecognisable among the crowd. The best way to avoid getting lost and find them easily, despite of their costumes, is Wave Application, an app where two or more people can share their location on a private map for as long as they choose. It has a chat and the possibility to add a meeting point on the map and get directions to arrive there. This app have millions of users around the world and it is very useful especially for those who plan to join a parade or are in a big group of friends or with children. It is available for free for iOS and Android.

Choose the spookiest costume or glam it up!

Getting the perfect costume and makeup for Halloween is important to define the scene in which to immerse this night and to find some inspiration the perfect Youtube channel is held by the professional makeup artist Pink Stylist. She posts many short videos with creepy looks and the explanations to replicate them at home, plus comments from other users. Another interesting platform with options to dress up or to glam it up is the Youtube channel of Moss Macs.

For the ones who prefer to get inspired by the best influencers and stand out as Heidi Klum does in her famous Halloween party, GlamScout app has a huge database with pictures of celebrities with the description of the make up they use, in order to let users purchase it directly from the app. One of the most interesting features is the camera option, where any user can take a picture, select a look and see if that fits with their facial shape. It is free and available for iOS.

Decide what plan is the most terrifying and exciting of the year

On Halloween the world is a stage and it is only up to you to decide what kind of play you will enjoy most. One of the best apps to find any activity or party is Eventbrite, a huge directory with the best shows, parades, dinners, zombies marathons or parties both national and local. It has information about tickets, dates and prices. Other good choices are Meetup, where also brings anyone to the possibility to create an event and Feverup, a Spanish app that works in Europe and New York, whose main feature is to gossip who has signed up for every party, including influencers, to make sure no one miss the party of the year. All of them are free and available for Android and iOS.

For the ones who prefer staying at home with their family or friends, the free app Tasty has a specific channel for recipes created just for Halloween, such as ‘human’ fingers with cheese, pumpkin drinks and other yummy recipes. With those ones and a bit of decoration, any home could be the best scenario for this Halloween night.

Now you are all set! Start preparing the spookiest night of the year!