Feedback from a user: How using a real time location sharing can be helpful when things don’t go as planned?

Guy riding a bike and doing flips

Going out with a bike on a summer afternoon is one of the greatest pleasures. On holidays it becomes an essential activity for sport lovers, like Julio, one of our beloved users. Julio knows that the physical activity of biking couples well with the chance to discover some places that otherwise would remain hidden, such as mountain tops, getting through the fog in the forests or surrounding a lake. Riding a bike means speed, freedom, beautiful landscapes and of course, getting fit.  

“My son usually goes cycling before going to work, even if we do not go together we like to be connected so I can see his whereabouts, how far he has traveled and feel calm while he goes out to the nature with the bike. Parents love to share experiences with their children even through an app”, says Julio.

Not only is it nice to share same interest, but it can also result very helpful. Julio recently explained us how using Wave helped him to overcome a bike accident:

“I opened a wave one day that my son was going out with the bike and I saw that he stopped at one point for a long time and then went to a gas station. There he texted me on the Wave chat to inform me that he had to fix the wheel of the bike, however it did not go well. After a while he stopped again and texted me he needed me to get and pick him because the wheel was broken again and he did not have time enough to fix it before returning home”, says Julio.

“Therefore, I opened the map on Wave and I saw exactly where he was, I got the directions to get to him and picked him up with my 4×4. It was super easy to arrive there. Without Wave, I would have been more complicated for me to know where he was and understand his explanations”, reports Julio.

In the nature there are no clear signs to indicate how to get to a place or how long it takes to reach one place. It is also not easy to arrange a meeting point as you could do in a city, so with Wave you can locate all those who go by bike in real time, see where they are and how to reach them.

Wave is an app to share your location temporarily and privately with whoever you want. This way you can open a map to follow your friends footsteps and feel connected and safe as at any moment they can identify where you are. On the map the participants can spot each other, get directions, set a meeting point and chat.

“When he goes out we open a Wave and we both share the location in real time so he knows where I am and I can see that he is fine, where he is going to and if he takes too long to return home. Wave is the best application I have found to be connected with my son without picking up the phone and calling him, as it does not disturb us when it comes to going with the bike and it allows me to help him whenever I can”, says Julio.

User stories make us very happy because we see how useful Wave is for helping people to be connected and feel safe anywhere in the world practising their favourite activity. Here you have some other stories to get you ready for the next adventure!

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