Google Certified Associate Android Developer


Hi dear reader!

As some of you know, a while back I received an Scholarship from Google to take the Android Developer Fast Track Course form Udacity (–nd818). This is a course designed to polish your Android Developer skills, best practises, and development techniques in Java in order to obtain the Google Google Associate Android Developer Certification.

developers_logoThis certification is a new way Google has devised to officially prove your Android and App development skills. You can find more info in this link (, and by watching the following video

As part of the course, to make sure I was ready to take the certification, I had to build some cool Apps. I’ve published one so that you can see if you are up to the certification. The App (movieDB) connects to database and queries the top rated and popular movies. It then downloads the movie posters asynchronously and displays them in a recycler view. Users can access a movie to view information, the trailers, and comments by other users. There is also an sqlite database that works with a content provider to save movies to watch later, and a settings screen to switch between the different modes. It uses an MVC architecture and is designed to work on limited hardware.

You can download it from the following link! It covers many basic requirements in the certification exam!


I recently took and passed the exam!! You can view my official badge here! It has been a great opportunity to brush up on best practises, and have the chance to have Google verify your code.

In my next post, I’ll be doing a much-asked-for QA post on the certification.

See you then!