MemoPark Ultimate – The best App to find your car gets even better

It seems just like yesterday when MemoPark Pro was launched, you can even look at the post here. MemoPark Pro has had a magnificent acceptance and is widely used, in fact, I receive emails with suggestions every so often. As you know from my blog, I’ve been extremely busy, but seeing how popular the App is and as a testament to all the suggestions received I decided to craft a new project.

memopark iconMemoPark Pro is very easy to use, but design trends have changed and it was time to give it all a general makeover. We now have bigger iPhones and different UI interactions. That led me to realise that the project was much more than a simple update, it was about creating a whole new experience. With that in mind I decided to create MemoPark Ultimate. It is the ultimate experience to make it as easy as possible to find your car. The features included are:


  • Extremely precise and energy efficient location system. As you know I’m pretty big on location services these days ;).
  • A new intuitive, minimalistic, useful, and why not, beautiful interface.
  • New Flyover maps to easily view where you left your car. Just use two fingers to test it out!
  • Change map type at your convenience.
  • Add a note for additional info.
  • Easily add an image to visually remember where you left your vehicle and view it with a tap.
  • Share your car’s location with anyone thanks to the integrated share system.
  • Easily obtain GPS directions to reach your car.

Check out some screenshots below.

You can download MemoPark Ultimate from the App Store right now! Since MemoPark Pro is, and will always be free, the Ultimate version is available for a small fee. I hope you enjoy it and it helps you sure you never forget your car’s location!


Feel free to contact me with any doubts or suggestions!