1 Million Users

It is not every day you get to write a post like this. You may have already heard via our social network channels that we recently surpassed 1 Million users. This is a huge milestone and it proves that Wave is here to stay and is every day finding its way to new people who discover the easiest way to locate their contacts.

One of the most asked question when you have a startup is “When and how will you reach 1 million users”. This is a covert question, because what they are really asking is “When will you be in the big leagues”. Well ladies and gentleman, Wave is now more than ever, in the big leagues. And just you wait, because it just gets better from hear ;).

wave million HD

Reaching this milestone hasn’t been easy, it has required long hours preparing a robust, rock solid infrastructure that is capable of scaling and accommodating huge amount of simultaneous requests (I’m considering writing a post expanding on this point), a friendly and reliable front end that people enjoy, secure end to end encryption, and a constant urge to keep getting better.

I was recently asked what my vision for Wave is, and I think there is no better moment than this post to share it with you.

Software without a clear and defined purpose lacks soul. We live in a world where technology makes it less important to see the people we care about because we can communicate with them at a distance, but at Wave we believe that nothing should separate you from your loved ones. Our vision is to use technology to help you get together with the people you care about, we are the anti-social network, one that gets you into the real world. That is what drives us, what makes us work to make the ultimate location App. Because when technology and soul touch, there is nothing that cannot be achieved

Thanks for reading!

See you in the next post!