geoNotesIconEvery once in a while it is nice to play around with different technologies to the ones you are used to and test their limits. In the master degree I’m taking (Master in Communication, Networks and Content Management- UNED) I have a very interesting subject named “Web Design Using Standards”. In this subject, we were tasked with creating an HTML5 that could be deployed as a Web App on a browser, and as a Mobile App using the Apache Cordova Framework.

That gave me the chance to create GeoNotes, the easiest way to save localised notes and interact with them. It is a similar idea to miMemo and miMemo plus, which I created exclusively for iOS. You can read the description below:

Ever wanted to have a note taking App that remembers where you have actually jotted down that note? Then GeoNotes is your new must have! Just create a new note, with its title and its content, and the system will automatically add the location where you are. This is great for remembering places, recalling where things happened, or just as a way to remind yourself where you thought of a great idea!

With its simple to use interface you’ll feel right at home! Click the “+” to add a new note. Then click the note you have saved to view it, to see a map of where it was taken, edit it or delete it. Easy! The notes will show the address. Clicking on the address will take you to maps so that you can find the route back there.

 GeoNotes is a totally free App with no Ads.

You can see some screenshots on an iPhone 6 plus below:

   iOS Simulator Screen Shot 26.3.2015 21.14.25 iOS Simulator Screen Shot 26.3.2015 21.14.29 iOS Simulator Screen Shot 26.3.2015 21.14.39 iOS Simulator Screen Shot 26.3.2015 21.14.18 iOS Simulator Screen Shot 26.3.2015 21.14.23

Looks cool right? I’ve been impressed by what you can achieve with Bootstrap and nice JavaScript libraries. It is clear Cordova is really pushing it’s limits and becoming a serious alternative to native code in Apps that don’t require too many specific device capability (like background modes which are still weak in the framework).

I’ve hosted the Web App on Parse ( and made GeoNotes available on the App Store and Google Play. You can check the name and the QR codes in the table below, or you can directly use the images below the table to directly access the App.


google-play-logo  Available_on_the_App_Store_(black)logo

Since this is an assignment, good ratings would really be appreciated ;).

Hope you enjoy it!

Feel free to drop me a line with your thoughts!