Things change, Apple changes

apple logosI’ve been trying to gather my thoughts for this post for a long time, and to fully understand why I’m writing this we have to take a trip down memory lane.  If you remember a few years back, Apple’s keynotes where secrets better kept than what goes on in the Pentagon. I remember watching them with great expectation, waiting to find out what new gizmo, service or product Apple would whip up. A friend (and a bit of an apple fanboy) told me that he watched the keynotes and simultaneously threw money at the screen yelling “Shut up and take my money!”.

However things have changed. Just look at the last keynote. Everything that Apple debuted on stage was known and well known a long time beforeiphones
Tim Cook actually unveiled them. What’s even more worrying, I have the feeling that Apple has become a “follower” more than a leader. Just look at the humongous iPhone 6 Plus and think what Steve Jobs would say after firmly saying that the iPhone size would never change because it was absolutely perfect. He even described Android smartphones like skateboards.  Jet here we are, with a mini iPad.

Another thing that shocked me was trying and failing to watch the keynote online. Apparently it was a problem caused by interfering JavaScript code that showed up the latest tweets. I find it really curious that a company who has always been famous for their attention to detail doesn’t provide a reliable streaming service to sell their products.

The iWatch is another piece of fine engineering. It certainly has taught Android wear a big lesson about how to use wearable technology without blocking the screen with the digital crown. But I missed something else, it is difficult to explain. It is the feeling that they are not making me jump from my chair, awed and shocked. They didn’t even detail if the iWatch is waterproof.

Apple Watch

I guess everything is becoming too expected for my taste,

What do you think dear reader?