The new Google lens?

contact-lens-google-glass-eyeball-670Google seems to be on the on and on with wearables and after the revolutionary and kind of strange Google glass it seems to be determined to make contact lens.

The patent that has been issued this week depicts a pair of contact lens that feature a camera and can actually be controlled by the wearer’s eye, being able to process functions In an autonomous way or by pairing up with an smartphone.



One of the functionalities it could boast is the ability to help people with eye sight difficulties, for instance helping them to know when crossing the street is safe. Another feature present in the patent is the ability to use facial recognition, making it extremely easy to cross reference databases with images and finding out who is who. The most spectacular one, and the most futuristic, is the ability to zoom in easily on an object, giving you the ability of having a pair of binoculars always ready with you.

Of course, it’s just a patent, but with these things, you never know 😉

What do you think? Do you find it cool, or is way over the top for your taste? Drop me a line in the comments!