miMemo arrives at the App Store!

My latest App has just arrived in the App Store! Before reading, please check out my marketing video 😉

AppIcon1024x1024It goes by the name miMemo and it is based around the idea that everyday we walk by tons of places and many of those places catch our attention, but we are in such a hurry always that we never remember where they are to check them out later. Other times we go to a place we like, and then forget where it is when we would like to go back. With miMemo, this is a problem of the past.

miMemo features 2 main sections:

My Places:

My places allows you to add the location where you are with a name and a description, that way you can remember any place you pass by. You can then access this place to view where it is, how to get there from where you are and even share it with whoever you want.

You can easily delete places (just swipe them from right to left) and add new ones (the + button). If you want to have lots of them don’t worry about it! The integrated search bar appears when you pull the list down.

This App uses very intelligent algorithms to locate you and preserve your battery. Everything has been covered!

Captura de pantalla de Simulador iOS 24.03.2014 12.09.24        Captura de pantalla de Simulador iOS 24.03.2014 12.09.28        Captura de pantalla de Simulador iOS 24.03.2014 12.09.58

My World

My World allows use to see all the locations you’ve tagged in one place. Find out which ones are near you or simply explore all of them. You can even share by e-mail all the locations you’ve stored.

miMemo is a free App that allows you to save 3 locations. once you try to save the fourth location, you will be prompted to download miMemo Plus, that allows you to save as many as you like. It is well worth the small price!

I hope you enjoy this App!