Spritz- The secret to faster reading?

spritz-speed-reading-spritzingAt some stage or another, we all have been bombarded with courses that promise to make us read faster using specialized training and help us save loads of time. Recently, a new application has been presented that boasts it can make us read up to three times faster without any training. The name of this new gizmo? Spritz.

According to the creators, after years of research on the way we read, they have discovered that our brain looks for the Optimal Recognition Point (ORP) of the word, and then deciphers the meaning of what it is seeing. Due to this phenomenon only 20% of the time spent when reading goes to actually deciphering the word, whereas the other 80% is the time taken for our eyes to find the ORP.


Previous Systems have focused on putting words down a line so that it reduces the time to move from one to the other. But the creators of Spritz (Frank, Mark and Jamie) have discovered that this alone is not enough, and that by aliening the geometrical center of each word using the ORP helps to reduce even more eye movement and achieve optimal results (as seen in the image above).

The best way to see this in action is to check out the webpage and give it a try: www.spritzinc.com

What do you think of this system? How fast are you able to read thanks to it?

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