Whatever happened to innovation in Smartphones?

After seeing all the news that this year’s Mobile World Congress has brought us I can’t help but think: ¿Where are the great innovations?

innovationThis may sound a bit extreme, but the reality is that the Smartphone war has turned to having bigger screen sizes, higher resolutions, longer lasting batteries, cameras with tons of Megapixels and processers that can easily handle 4K. In the cold light of day there is no incentive to change your phone if you have last year’s flagship model, and for me, that ultimately means there has not been enough innovation. Processors are too powerful for a normal user, the large screens make pocketing phones a thing of the past and cameras exceed user needs by far. Where is that feeling of something really new we felt in 2007 with the first iPhone in 2007? When will we break this standstill?

Many people think Smart Watches are the answer, or the new Samsung Galaxy S5 with its heart rate sensor. But according to the latest polls, these technologies don’t seem to grow so much on users.

What do you think? Do you see this type of innovations as “the next big thing”?