Zientia – When learning becomes magic

logo_zientia_blackNowadays no one can deny that new technologies are revolutionizing the way in which we learn, however, it is always nice to see that there are people who have decided to take things a step further.

Project Zientia was born from the technology company Paradox Team SL, dedicated to develop apps with new technologies such as Augmented Reality, natural interfaces and interactive surfaces, for marketing and video games.



Zientia has decided to use Augmented Reality to ensure that learning will never again be boring for a student. They are based on the idea that giving a mobile device to a student is not enough, it is necessary to create innovative content and tools that ignite their curiosity. They are currently offering innovative solutions for all the undergraduate learning cycles (Preschool, Primary, Middle and High School). These solutions are a much more direct, visual and fresh approach to learning. Zentia’s strongest suit is that it merges videogame like graphic elements with academic content adapted to each stage by teachers and scientists.

You just need a computer with a Web Cam, Tablet or Smartphone to reach out to a whole new world of possibilities. You can see a demo video just below:


 How does it work?

Zentia’s Apps can be tested out for free and are available on Google Play, App Store and Windows Store and from zientia.com. The Apps work with Augmented Reality Cards and other materials that are available for free download on their website.

They currently have released 3 Apps:

  •  Chemistry101: This app revolutionizes the way to study inorganic formulation, enabling teachers and students to have in their own hands the elements of the periodic table and to interact with them to create thousands of chemical compounds.


  • Geometry101: This application improves students’ spatial vision through the representation of a large variety of polyhedra, prisms and bodies of revolution in 3D.
  •  Anatomy101: With this app you can explore the human skeleton, its muscles and systems in 3D. Interacting with them shows the role of each element in the human body in a much more visual way.



The platform is in continuous growth and evolution. During 2014 they plan to launch new Apps for Physics and Preschool, as well as a new section where teachers and students will be able to contact the team and tell them their needs and what they would like to see.

If you’d like to know more about this amazing new project you can check out their webpage: http://zientia.com/