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chrome-os-logoToday we are going to be looking at something really curious, something no one thought would be able to make way in our difficult and competitive market, yet today we can totally assure, with no doubt in our minds, that Chromebooks pack a punch.

Chromebooks were launched in June 2011 as the ultimate PC for Internet browsing. It boasts a chromebooksmodified operating system based on the Linux kernel and works with Google Apps, the Chrome browser and little local storage. According to Google, this computer is based on the idea that most of our tasks are undertaken online and most of our work is cloud based (most people use online mail clients, check social networks and Google docs is gaining more and more popularity).

Thanks to this modified operating system the system boots up in mere seconds, and they are priced very competitively typically below 300$. You can check out their page here:

You can see a video review of the operating system here:

They typically come with 16GB of hard drive storage, which makes them difficult to place in place in the current market, as there that would be the storage capacity we would expect of a tablet. Some people believe that Google should have launched this computers with Android, but they insist on keeping it as a separate line-up.

If by any chance you thought these were only budget computers, check out the Chromebook pixel below:

Lately Microsoft has seen Chromebooks as a threat and has issued a video comparing the two of them and showing the viewer the advantages of their systems.

What do you think? Would you buy a Chromebook?

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