The storage capacity on Smartphones is not always what it seems

Hard-Drive-iconOne if the main errors we make when setting out to buy a new smartphone is believing that the data specs reflect the real performance of the phone. In this manner we tend to think that all 8 Megapixel shooters perform the same way, 2Gb of RAM are totally equivalent regardless of the phone, and 16 GB of storage are always 16GB of space for your stuff. To illustrate just how wrong this line of thought is, today we happen to have a practical approach to the whole problem at hand. According to the latest info published by the blog Wich we get a real insight into what the actual storage capacity for 16 GB phones actually is.

Imagen almacenamiento 1

As we can see, some smartphones like Apple’s iPhone 5 or Google’s Nexus 5 account for more than 12 GB of free memory, however, others like the Galaxy S4 just have 8.5

2 Mobile storage space

How can these differences be possible in the same system? The typical scenario is that, apart from the actual operating system, makers like Samsung tend to include a lot of Apps and even in their case, the Touch Wiz personalization which runs of top of Android. This makes the real space available to the user, much more limited than we initially thought. This is particularly critical with phones that do not have an SD card slot and therefore present no way to hold more storage (other than cloud based solutions). It gets even worse when you find out that, in many cases, you can’t delete those extra Apps bundled with your Smartphone.