MemoPark Pro arrives on iOS

MemoPark Pro hits the iOS App Store! Make sure you never forget where you parked your car!

It features a gorgeous design based on the iOS7 principles, as well as an efficient and power saving ways to locate you. And you want to know how much it costs? It’s totally free, it is even ad free ;).

What does it do?

MemoPark Pro is the best way to find where you parked. Just click the Park button and your location will be stored. You can even add a note (like the floor where you parked or something to help you). Then you just need to click on the Map tab to find your car easily. You can even share a Map with your car’s location to whoever you choose via E-mail, iMessage, SMS, Facebook, Twitter or copy the message to your clipboard and use it in any App. Parking, finding your car, and telling people where you parked has never been easier!