Whatever happened to BlackBerry?

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In this post we are going to take a trip down memory lane, looking at how Blackberry came to be and what it is lately. Care to join me ;)?

rim950RIM (Research In Motion) was founded in 1984 with the desire of selling Budgie, a system that displayed information on TV wirelessly. Not too long after this, they received an offer from Mobitex to develop software for their own wireless networks.

Thanks to this milestone in their history, they decided to use the experience to build hardware and they released a PCMCIA modem in 1995 and their first personal communication device a year later. But it was in 1998 with the RIM 950 when they became the telecommunications giant they were in their hey day.

In 2003 they created new devices, business oriented with high security architectures designed to keep data and rim-blackberry-bold-smartphonecommunications safe. They were the first to create fast interpersonal messages over data networks with BBM (BlackBerry Messenger), it was not only popular among business users, teenagers glorified their BlackBerries.

So what happened? It is difficult to say in such brief space. The revolution started by iPhone caused the BlackBerry’s physical QWERTY keyboard to look outdated and the introduction of WhatsApp meant that inter personal messaging over data networks wasn’t just limited to BlackBerries.

blackberry-z10-ofic11So how’s BlackBerry now? They have recently outsourced BBM to iOS And Android in an attempt to face messaging giants like Line and WhatsApp. Around January this year, the company introduced BB10, a new operating system that is heavily reminiscent of MeeGo (see the Jolla post for more info). The system is really snappy and works great but the scarce developer support that translates in a lack of Apps and the dominant position of Apple and Samsung prevents it from taking off.

Below you can see some videos about the BB10 operating system.

What do you think will happen with BlackBerry? Do you think it still has a chance?

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