Google Now – ¿Friend or foe?

Google-NowIn this post we are going to discuss something Google has been promoting for the last year and a half. This dear reader, is Google Now. A service that to the untrained eye may look nothing more than a copy of Apple’s Siri, but really hides much more under the hood.  The most notable difference is that Siri follows a reactive model, simply put, we ask a question and the lovely voice answers, but Google Now is in fact a predictive model. It is able to predict to what we need, when we need it, and provide us with it. For instance:

  • Google Now registers the places we visit to offer us information about the best route to reach those places with updated traffic info.
  • It studies the webpages we frequently visit and offers us notifications when there are content changes or new im_google-nowupdates.
  • If we use Chrome as our browser it tries to predict the places we might want to go to based on our web history.
  • It tracks our online orders.
  • It offers us public transport information (delays, bus stop times, etc) and plane tickets information.
  • Shows cultural information about places around us.
  • Learns about the teams we like and lets us know about the latest scores.
  • It even provides us with our contact’s updates.

This can be seen in the following videos:

To sum up, Google Now knows a lot about who we are and what we do. The great question here is: Do you think this is a Google_Now_630good thing as it provides a valuable service, or are you taken back by all the information about us that is stored constantly?

Let me know in the comments what you think about this!

See you next time!