I’ve been wanting to write this post for a long time, mainly due to the fact that it is something I find both interesting and refreshing (Have I picqued your interest dear reader ;)). I am sure you all remember the golden age of Nokia, the age when we all carried Nokia phones around and the Finnish company was the telecommunications titan we all believed

undefeatable. However, when the first iPhone was launched, and after a few years when it took over and overhauled the market, Nokia started to realise that perhaps Symbian wasn’t the right system to compete and that it needed to drastically change its strategy. Out of that realisation, Nokia moved towards a new and different operating system, Mee Go, establishing a deal with the company behind it to build a phone. Unfortunately, that phone went by totally unnoticed, mainly due to the fact Nokia decided to switch to Windows Phone halfway in the process and sold it only in a handful of countries. This phone was the Nokia N9. Allow me to introduce you to it with the following video:

The truth is, if you tried out that phone you really got the feeling it was way ahead of its time. It was so fluid, fast and with an interface based entirely on gestures. In fact, the new BlackBerry 10 reminds me a lot of how Mee Go worked.

Once Nokia decided to switch to Windows Phone they scraped this operating system. In light of how incredible it was, I always had the feeling someone would resume working on it and do something really awesome. That “someone” is Jolla. A Finnish company that is proving that Finland is not through with not only creating great hardware for phones, but also great operating systems to run on them.

Check out the following video to see the system working:


With over 80 employees worldwide, they have already launched a pre booking for their first phone that premieres this Christmas. The phone is a real stunner and includes a dual core processor, 8 Mpx camera, and what they call “the other half” which is the possibility to change the look and behaviour of the phone by changing the back cover. All this and more in