There is something which we see in every webpage we visit, but in the cold light of day dear reader, not many people know what it is, do you? Yes, I’m talking about CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). It is something we take for granted, but the minute it doesn’t work or is not present, we really notice.

Up to now, we have talked about how HTML organizes the elements we have in our webpage, what CSS does is apply “makeup” to those elements. Making them look cool. without CSS we get the appearance of a blank text document. As you can see below:


CSS is so important we can make a same HTML file look like three totally different webpages just by changing our CSS. You can see this below:




With the arrival of HTML5 we also have the great news of a new version of CSS, CSS3, which comes loaded with great new css3-logofeatures such as:

  • Transparent colors: Now we can easily apply translucencies to objects.
  • Rounded borders
  • Shadows: We can add shadows to any object.
  • Web fonts: Finally we can add typographies without needing to check if the user has them installed, as they will be bundled in the CSS.
  • Multiple backgrounds: Using various images to form your background, giving a great impression of depth.
  • Text rotation: Possibility to rotate texts from any angle.
  • Transitions: We can create beautiful movements between elements and pages.

As you can see we are heading towards a much more dynamic web, interactive, and why not? a stunner to look at.

See you in the next post!

Thanks for reading!