I’ve been wanting to write about this for a long time now. But, it is really difficult to write about something you don’t know if it is the right time to reveal. This I’m about to show you was my master thesis. A result of many prototypes that was born with a dream. The dream that an App for universities could really become engaging and really useful. A desire to change things, to raise the bar. This is iETSIT. The name comes form the university where I became a Telecommunication’s Engineer. The “i” stands for interactive.

The truth is implementing it in the real world is not as easy as I would like and involves many “administrative issues”. I hope I will overcome that and see how it works in the hand of others. An App for both new students (recruitment) and students already enrolled. Addressing everyone.

It is divided into three main elements: A web server, an Android App and an iOS App. You can see them in the videos below.

Please dear reader, allow me to, finally, share my dream with you.